Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

Do babies understand when we talk to them? It’s a common misconception that babies can’t comprehend words until they could talk or respond through words. Studies show that the human brain can powerfully retain anything and still process the fundamentals of walking, seeing, and social interaction in the first three years of growth. This makes it a critical period that gives parents opportunity to instill intellectual and emotional disciplines to their child.

Reading to your baby is a simple way to be involved in training your child’s brain. Setting up a time for reading gives the baby a sense of schedule. For example, if a mother consistently reads to her child before sleeping time, it becomes a signal that it is time to sleep. Reading before bedtime can also lull the baby to sleep. Subconscious factors will work beneficially to hormone production when babies go to sleep with happy thoughts.

Babies learn to talk through what they hear and see. They will more likely remember and repeat words that trigger emotions in them. Some mothers will let their babies watch educational children shows. That could be good but it could also make them restless when the TV is shut off. They have to be able to learn to listen without moving objects in front of them. Reading to babies creates the opposite effect. Because babies are more concentrated on what the parent is saying, they’re imagination can run along with it, forcing the brain work even more. With the visuals on TV, their brains just become lazy and they eventually learn to get bored without it.

Babies who were read to grow up to be smart children. Because they were introduced to books at such a young age, they understand the value of reading and they take the practice with them. People who read do get ahead in life because of longer attention span, better concentration and good analytic abilities. They become organizers, problem solvers and rationalize things before they act. That’s because reading to them as babies initiated a lot of brain activity and so thinking became a dominant action from the beginning.

The bond between a mother and a child is unquestionable. Fathers can achieve that kind of bond too especially if they read to their child. Fathers can already start while the infant is still in the womb. Studies show that babies in the womb are already capable of hearing. The father’s voice will then become familiar and comforting which will make a baby receptive when book reading happens outside the womb.