A Quick Guide on Choosing Best Teethers for Baby

When baby suddenly becomes irritable for apparently no reason, and he’s hitting his fifth or sixth month, you have good reason to suspect teething. This is a very uncomfortable time for baby, but a good teether can help ease his suffering a bit. Here’s what to look for when you shop for one.


Anything that will be put inside the mouth must be safe. Teethers are usually made of plastic, so when choosing one, make sure it is made of non-toxic materials and free from phthalates and BPA. Make sure, too, that the teether has no removable or breakable parts. One-piece silicon teethers are a great choice.


A teether that can also serve as a pacifier, rattle, or toy is a great deal, as long as these multiple functionalities are achieved without sacrificing the teether’s safety. Brightly colored teethers can stimulate baby’s vision. Teethers with different-textured surfaces stimulate baby’s tactile sense. Some teething rings come with different degrees of hardness and softness. A teether that can be chilled will help soothe the pain in baby’s gums. Gel-filled teethers kept in the freezer will stay cold in baby’s hands for a long time. Water-filled teethers should be kept in the ref, not the freezer.

Other features

ome teethers come with flavors and scents. Check the labels well for these teethers, to make sure the materials used for scents and flavoring are truly safe for baby.

Some teethers make a sound when chewed

This can also help distract baby from the pain in his gums. Make sure, however, that the sound is not so loud, it annoys baby or harms his hearing. If the sound seems loud to you, or if it annoys you, it’s probably too loud and too annoying for baby as well.