Choosing the Best Baby Head Gear

You want your precious little angel to look her best for all the family photos, and one of the best types of accessories for showing off your baby is to get some cute baby head gear. There are tons of baby head gear options, and choosing the best ones all comes down to your baby’s personality and whether they have lots of hair, or a little bit of hair. Here are the main guidelines for choosing the best baby head gear:

While headbands are adorable, they only work for certain babies. It is the same thing as women and peak caps. Only certain women can pull them off in a sexy, alluring way! So, make sure that you test one out first and make sure it looks as cute as you imagine it to look.

Some headbands have pretty flowers or ribbons around them and are extremely dainty looking, while other more modern ones are simple with one huge flower which can be worn on the side of the head. The different styles and types should be chosen according to your baby’s outfits and what you think will look the cutest. Another thing to keep in mind with headbands is that you don’t want it to be too tight. Make sure that the elastic or material that the headband is made from does not leave marks.

Bow Clips and Ribbons
Bow clips are also a top choice for babies, however it can sometimes be impossible to use them if your baby has very fine hair, so what do you do? Well, there is an ingenious solution where Velcro is attached to the bow instead of a traditional clip. This is much easier to attach to your baby’s hair, although depending on how wriggly they are, it can fall out. Another way is to simply tie a thin ribbon around a hair strand.

Sun Hats and Caps
This is extremely important with the harshness of the sun. It is imperative that you get a few wide brimmed sun hats so that your baby’s sensitive skin is protected. Nowadays there are very pretty ones, styled in an old fashioned way with intricate ribbons and bows, using glitter thread and perfect for your little princess.

Aside from the wide brimmed ones, you should also get some floppy hats in a variety of patterns and colors which also protect the skin, but are easier for baby to wear as they lie flat. For a funkier look, you can also opt for some cute little peak caps, which have elastic at the back and are better to use when it is windy.

Choosing baby head gear is so much fun, so go out and have a look at these top options for adding that finishing touch to your baby’s look!