Common Breastfeeding Problems Guide

When someone’s new to motherhood, her number one concern is overcoming her doubts about her ability to breastfeed. If you’ve got two sets of mammary-gland, yes, you can definitely breastfeed. Here are more questions that newbie moms ask.

Is breast-feeding painful?

There will be some pain as the baby tries to orient itself around the areola. Babies naturally find their way as feeding is a natural habitat for all creatures. You can push or pull your breast yourself with your finger if you feel some pain. But it is temporary as you and your baby adjusts to each other. Pain is also normal but if you have a cracked nipple, use the other breast until the wound heals. It usually takes a day or two to heal with the use of lanolin or an all-purpose nipple ointment.

What if I no milk comes out?

During pregnancy, the breast can already be coaxed and stimulate milk production which can be jump-started with a breast pump or an actual baby. Some women who adopt infants did not go through pregnancy but they were able to produce breast milk with a breast pump. The actual siphoning of the ducts can create a supply. If your baby does not get milk the first time it suckles, the act of sucking will surely unplug the ducts and induce milk production.

How do I manage over-production of milk?

Milk production will increase on the second week after birth. Some women produce so much that their breasts become heavy. This can be pumped and the milk can be stored in baby bottles. Pumping it will stimulate more milk production but a good supply can give you a bit more freedom if you need to get away.

How long can I store my breast milk after I’ve pumped?

It can be left up to four hours at room temperature. In cooler climates or around 20 degrees C, milk can last up to 10 hours without a cooling storage. At below 16 degrees, breast milk can stay up to 24 hours without refrigerating. For working mothers, you can have your milk stored for five days in the fridge and up to two weeks in the freezer. Do not microwave the milk as it will destroy the anti-infective properties of the breast milk. Just thaw the milk in advance taking them out of storage hours before it is needed. Or simply use warm water in a bowl to help it set back in room temperature.

Breastfeeding is a natural process that intelligent humans over think and worry about. As an advice for clueless mommy wannabes: Don’t worry. Your baby will surely know what to do.