Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one body condition that cannot be kept a secret. With the signs and body changes, even a blind person is able to tell if someone’s expecting. But a busy woman doesn’t have time to suspect her sudden disgust for an odor or an odd mood shift. Some pregnancies pass by 8 weeks and the woman would have no clue except that her menstruation has not happened. Here are some signs that one may experience at the earliest stage of child-bearing.

The most noticeable sign of gestation is the sudden shift in appetite which could work two ways. One is the sudden craving for food and the other is when a woman will have a sudden aversion to some food. The body will start assessing its nutrition needs and will send neuro signals to the brain of what the pregnant woman “likes”.

Hormones and body chemicals will go to extreme production to enhance sensitivity. A scent that she used to like may now make her gag. The taste buds will be working doubly hard, too. This is a natural defense mechanism from any poison or harmful radicals that the mother might inhale or ingest that may bring harm to the baby.

Morning sickness is the best sign that your body could display at the first signs of pregnancy. For no reason at all, nausea and vomiting attacks in the worst possible way. It occurs anytime, anywhere with no warning at all. But it could also be triggered by a smell or a sight that the expectant mother find extremely annoying.

All the internal body adjustments around hormone production and abdominal changes can be daunting to the body. This is why pregnant women feel so tired and sleepy in the first three months. Extreme fatigue is inevitable so a woman with child will definitely slump in a corner to get some shuteye.

Mood swings are a common incident in pregnancy. Someone pregnant will suddenly want something in the middle of a conversation and will not stop until she gets it. When she finally has it, she’d forget that she clamored for it in the last 30 minutes because she just saw something that made her cry on T.V. It’s kind of a bipolar attack in a really small scale.

Pregnancy is an annoying state but only for the first three months. The rest of the pregnancy is just gaining weight, ravenously eating for two, feeling heavier and sleepier, losing self-esteem. Ok it’s still not a pretty sight. But it’s all for the love of having a child.