Exercising with Your Baby

Gaining weight during pregnancy has long been a major setback when expecting. For some time in baby-bearing history, it was believed that exercise and having a career can put pregnancy at risk. It is blamed for infants born with abnormalities like hair lip and undeveloped brain. Afraid of risking their baby’s well-being, mothers just waived off exercise; but most of them suffered obese pregnancy with complications of difficult birthing.

Now experts are saying pregnant women have to exercise after the first trimester, but it should be done in moderation. Low impact gym exercises must be supervised by licensed fitness coaches. Doctors advise against running and jumping, although long walks are encouraged. Exercise during pregnancy can help you get back in shape immediately after giving birth.

Generally, if a woman had done exercises during pregnancy, she can already do light movement days after birth or when she feels up to it. Mothers are bound to get up and carry the baby anyway so that can serve as your much needed activity. As your baby becomes stronger, you can get more of action to help burn your pregnancy fat.

You can involve your baby in the exercises. Simply put your child on a yoga mat. You can then be on the hands and feet and do some cat-and-cow stretch or leg raising for waking up your butt muscles. Babies will start mimicking as early as 5 months old. You can do all sorts of floor stretching and simple flex and bends with your baby.

Lifting babies gives mothers strong arms without signing up in the gym. A 10-pound baby with good neck control can serve as your weights or your Pilates ball. Sit on a yoga mat with your legs a little bent in front of you. Lift your baby up to face you making sure that your grip is safe for movement. Then, in slow motion and without tilting your baby’s head, bring your child down to your right as you inhale. Exhale as you bring your baby back to the center to face you again. Inhale again to bring your baby to your left side this time, then after one count bring her up to the center as you exhale. Remember that breathing is important as it helps you use abdominal muscles, which are essential in losing weight. Do this a good 10 times on both sides but let your baby rest so they don’t get dizzy and shower and you with vomit.

Another exercise is the good old squat which is good for your shoulders, your core muscles and legs. In a standing position, hold your baby to face you with your arms slightly bent. Then bend your legs and sit on an invisible chair. Make sure your knees are aligned with your toes and you inhale as you go down. Repeat the movement 10 times and let your baby rest.

There are numerous movements that can speed up your weight loss and give you back the energy level you had before you got pregnant. Dieting does not go well with breast feeding. Enjoying your exercise with your baby, from pregnancy to after birth, is your best option.