Pregnancy Guide – Food to Avoid When Expecting

Pregnancy is full of contradictions. Pregnant women are advised to eat for two—in moderation. Women were first told not to move much to avoid miscarriages and hair-lip tendency. Nowadays, the exercise myth is being debunked by experts. The kind of food to eat has also created debates mainly because no one in their right mind would want to stop a craving pregnant woman.

Cravings are actually healthy. It’s the body’s way of asking for the lack of nutrients in the body. Example, wanting hamburger at odd hours means that she needs protein. Knowing the associated nutrition for each craving is a perfect way to avert the extra pounds. In general, expectant mothers need to eat less. If the baby gets too big, it poses a difficult delivery.

Fish are excellent part of a pregnancy diet but some fish have high liquid mercury levels. Industrial wastes that are washed out to water ways, then large bodies of water, turn to liquid mercury. They’re then ingested by fish that end up as food for humans. Studies associate the low IQ levels and poor memory of children to the in-utero exposure to mercury. Fish that have high mercury levels are tuna, tilefish, mackerel and swordfish.

Ob-gynaecologists also advise women who are trying to conceive to avoid these fish. Those that have lower mercury levels are shrimp, canned tuna, salmon, catfish, tilapia and pollock; but pregnant women are still told to limit their intake to 12 ounces per week.

Cured meat may be delectable but health experts advise against eating them as these bring about Listeria-caused infections that penetrate through the placenta. It is also advised that those with child wash fruits and vegetables well. Salad is indeed healthful but do not rely on the pre-washed labels on the package. It’s best to always have the organic kind, too. Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers have been associated to chemical imbalance and autism that only show up as the child reaches three years. Wine and caffeine are definitely a no-no. These can cause spontaneous abortion and fetal births.

No pregnant woman can resist sushi but the health risks are far too dangerous. In fact, all kinds of raw meat are not allowed for consumption when someone’s expecting. That includes meat tartares, oysters, half-done steaks and all kinds of raw fish. Raw food is a major cause of food poisoning. Pregnant women who get food poisoned may experience much more than just vomiting. It could lead to the baby’s miscarriage and even still birth.