Quick Guide on How to Choose Bedding for Baby

Choosing the baby’s bedding is no simple task. The wrong one can adversely affect your baby’s sleep and hamper her development, or even cause suffocation. So remember, when you shop, don’t just look for the cutest bedding you can find. Here are some important guidelines to ensure that baby’s bedding is comfortable and safe:


Crib sheets should always be fitted sheets, not flat sheets, to ensure that they don’t come off the mattress and turn into suffocation hazards for your baby. Make sure the sheets are not too loose. They should fit your baby’s crib mattress very snugly, like a second skin, and not bunch up.

Blankets and comforters.

These may look cute, but in fact, they are suffocation hazards. Never put blankets or comforters in the crib with your baby. If you want to keep your baby warm and cozy, put a sweater or a sleep sack on her instead.


Like blankets and comforters, these are suffocation hazards as well and should not be put in baby’s crib.


As their name suggests, crib bumpers prevent your baby from bumping into the crib’s hard sides. You don’t need these for soft-sided cribs. If you have wooden cribs and use crib bumpers, choose the thinnest ones you can get, made with breathable material and mesh-like covers, to reduce your baby’s risk of suffocation.

Mattress pad.

It is recommended that you get a mattress that has a waterproof cover, to protect the cushion from baby’s inevitable accidents, but if you already have a non-waterproof mattress, you can get a mattress pad instead. Your mattress pad should be no thicker than an inch, though, and should fit snugly under the sheet; it should not bunch up over the mattress.

Crib skirt.

If you’re feeling shortchanged by not being able to put cute and cozy comforters and pillows in your baby’s crib, soothe yourself by putting crib skirts instead, to give your nursery a finished look. Since these are attached outside the crib, they are not suffocation hazards for baby. What’s more, they can help your nursery stay neat-looking by keeping out of sight all the stuff you keep under baby’s crib.