Sharing the Nursery with an Older Sibling

Two siblings sharing a room may sound sweet and ideal for parents who wanted their children to have a strong bond and tight relationship. However, sharing your toddler’s room with a new born baby is not as easy as you think. There are a lot of challenges that you have to face to make sure that both of your children get the convenience and space they deserve. You may get frustrated in giving a never-ending reminder to the older sibling on the Do’s and Don’ts when the baby is around, but you’ll have to keep your patience high and understand your child’s immature behavior. Here are some helpful tips to smooth over the transition of your siblings sharing a room:

Talk to your toddler

The first thing that you should do before you start the transition is to have a nice chat with your toddler. Tell him that he will be sharing his room with his new sibling and that necessary adjustments are required to make things run easy. Explain to him that his cooperation is very important to encourage him more on taking care of the little one. You can also ask his opinion and suggestions. For example, ask your toddler on where he might want his younger sibling to sleep. You may also want to hear his side if you want to add some furniture in the room or change the overall color of the bedroom.

Adjust bedtime routines

To ensure that your new born baby gets a good night sleep, make sure to put him to bed an hour earlier before you tuck your toddler in. If your baby sleeps at 6:00 pm, you can delay your toddler’s sleeping time at 7:00 pm by reading him stories. Having a white noise machine in the room is also recommended to reduce or minimize noise like crying and snoring, and promote a sound sleep to both of your children.

Put things in place

Be mindful in arranging your baby and your toddler’s things to ensure their safety. Make sure to keep your toddler’s toys, especially those miniature ones, out of your baby’s reach especially when the latter starts to crawl and grab anything he sees.
Indeed, sharing the nursery with an older sibling is a comforting thought. It does not only help build a close relationship between your children, but also, it teaches your toddler to become a loving and responsible older sibling.