Reasons For Some Women Can’t Get Pregnant

There are many women who find that they have a hard time becoming pregnant. The question why can’t I get pregnant is one that has many answers. Of course not all of the answers will apply to you and this should be kept in mind.

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant

The amount of sex you are having can play a large role in this problem. When you are trying to become pregnant having sex once a week is not going to do the job. Additionally you should look at when you are having sex. The timing is actually very important as there are certain times when a woman is more likely to fall pregnant.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the health of a baby. What many don’t know is that smoking can decrease your chances of getting pregnant as smoke lowers fertility and sperm count. Alcohol will also have a negative effect on sperm count. Cutting back on the amount consumed is advised.

Your diet also plays a role in how easily you become pregnant. Having a balanced diet is one of the ways to help this process along. Weight can also limit a woman’s ability of becoming pregnant. Being overweight puts added stress on the body and will lower energy level while being underweight is also bad as you are not getting all your needed nutrients.

Another thing that can lower sperm count and decrease fertility is caffeine. Caffeine can come from a number of places like coffee, tea and fizzy drinks. The ideal intake of these should be limited to one cup per day to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Stress is also another major factor. Increased stress can make your periods irregular and this makes it harder to become pregnant.

Why can’t I get pregnant is a question that many women do ask. There are many reasons for this and some women feel it s best to see a doctor about it.